July 24, 2024
when our employees are packing, the lunch box is to ensure

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According to the person in charge of the enterprise: starting from the disinfection of tableware, when our employees are packing, the lunch box is to ensure the temperature. After the dishes come out, we will also use hot air incubators to make the dishes a little higher. When we go out, we also have EPP incubators, including the dining car, which all have compartments, which can ensure that our lunch can reach about 6070 degrees when it is in the hands of the children. The whole process of food distribution from the enterprise to the dining school shall not be more than 2 hours. Keep samples for testing before delivery. Keep more than 100 grams of each dish at 0-8 degrees Celsius for 48 hours. Look at the picture ↓↓↓

The Kids Lunch Box Bag Set: Perfectly Sized for Little Appetites

Tick-tock! Your lunch will be delivered soon! Taking into account the mobility of the elderly, the elderly canteen also provides door-to-door food delivery service. The staff packed the steaming food into a warm lunch box and sent a portion of “warmth” into the home!

when our employees are packing, the lunch box is to ensure

Bring your own lunch (this situation is troublesome but good, we can make some simple Chinese food for our children and take them to school, which will make them the center of students at lunchtime). You can prepare an insulation bag (also a lunch box bag) for your child; the time for lunch is in the order from small to big according to the different grades of the school (the schedule below).

Accompanying this fabulous backpack is a stylish lunch box. Sporting the same eye-catching design as the backpack, the lunch box not only keeps your food fresh and secure but also makes a statement while doing so. From sandwiches to snacks, the lunch box offers ample space to accommodate a well-rounded meal. It also includes an easy-to-use zipper closure, ensuring your food stays in its place even during the most energetic lunchtime activities.

Another essential aspect to focus on when selecting a school bag for boys is the storage capacity. Boys often require more space to accommodate their books, notebooks, stationery, water bottles, lunch boxes, and sports equipment. The Skybags collection under 800 offers an ample amount of storage with multiple compartments, allowing boys to keep their belongings organized. This not only saves time but also helps in minimizing the chances of losing items.

when our employees are packing, the lunch box is to ensure

While Bentgo lunch boxes already come with compartments, using additional small containers can further optimize space utilization. Invest in miniature containers that fit snugly inside the lunch box sections. These containers can hold dips, dressings, hummus, or smaller food items that may not fit comfortably in the larger compartments. By using these smaller containers, you can utilize every corner of your Bentgo lunch box effectively.